Strata committee management success video series

Welcome to your strata committee management success video series

Amongst all the laws, paperwork and complexities…how does one know where to start when it comes to being a committee member, let alone managing one?

Through this series, you’ll be able to gain insight into what a committee is, the importance of a committee, who does what in the committee, and how you can run a successful committee to enhance community living.

Episode 1 – What makes a strata committee successful?

Find out what makes a committee successful. Learn about some of the things you can do to run an effective committee for your property. Also find out what you can do as an individual to help enhance community living, and truly make a difference.

Episode 2 – How to get the right people onto a strata committee

Find out how to get the right people on your committee. Learn about some of the attributes that make a good committee member, find helpful tips when calling for nominations, and see how you can make being on the committee a rewarding experience.

Episode 3 – How to run a good committee meeting

Nobody likes meetings that aren’t particularly productive, drag on and on, or descend into chaos. So, what are some practical tips and tricks to make sure that your committee meetings run like clockwork? In this episode, we’ll cover how you can run a good committee meeting.

Episode 4 – Who does what on a committee

Your committee may have office bearing roles, but who are they, and what do they do? In this video, we’ll show you what roles exist on the committee, as well as the traits it takes to excel in the role so that they can enhance community living.

Episode 5 – Setting goals to make things happen for your strata property

While setting goals for your property as a committee is important, it can be tricky working out which goals to pursue and which can be parked until later. Here’s a technique you could try.

Episode 6 – Communicating effectively on strata matters

A committee is elected to make decisions on behalf of owners, so it’s a good idea to keep everyone updated with what’s been discussed and agreed to. Communicating effectively with owners and other residents ensures the success of the committee in managing the property.

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StrataFAQ education videos - What happens at a strata meeting

Episode 7 – What happens at a strata meeting

Meetings are essential to make key decisions for the smooth running of your property. Learn about the two types of meetings at which decisions about your property are taken, and how you can bring up motions if you have a matter for an upcoming meeting.

StrataFAQ education videos - Be the change that's needed - how to raise a motion

Episode 8 – Be the change that’s needed – how to raise a motion

Although it’s great to be involved with the running of your property, your level of involvement depends on you. In this video, we’ll cover other ways to get involved if you don’t want to sit on the committee.

StrataFAQ education videos - Making your vote count

Episode 9 – Making your vote count

The direction of how your property is managed, is decided by voting on various items called motions – so it’s important to make your vote count. In this video, find out how you can do this at your annual general meeting.

StrataFAQ education videos - The importance of sub-committees

Episode 10 – The importance of sub-committees

Every property has its own never-ending list of things to do. Luckily, not all responsibilities need to fall on the executive committee. This video covers what’s required when creating a sub-committee, as well as some tips to help you build a high-performing team.

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