About Somerville Strata Management

About Somerville Strata Management

Your local strata services provider since 1967

Who we are

Most of the team at Somerville Strata Management has worked closely together for many years. We care for each other as much as we do for the properties we look after. You can also be assured that the team are highly skilled and qualified strata professionals who provide efficient and cost-effective strata management solutions for any challenges or issues you may be facing.

We do this by being available when you need us, through proactive and individualised services tailored to the requirements of your strata property, and continuously keeping abreast of the latest strata legislation. We aim to ensure the smooth and efficient management of your property so that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of your investment or home.

We specialise in providing strata services for a range of property types. Whether your property is of architectural or historical significance – subject to a heritage listing, art deco, a high rise with resort-style facilities, a garden estate of villas or townhouse or a simple three-storey walk-up, we have the skills, resources and ability to help maintain your property.

Somerville Strata Management is a member of the PICA Group family.


Our property portfolio

Somerville Strata Management manages a diverse range of properties including residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use properties. From heritage-listed buildings to art deco, and more, here are some of the properties that are part of our family:

Somerville strata managed property - 17-25 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney

17-25 Wentworth Avenue,

Somerville strata managed property - 1-9 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont

1-9 Pyrmont Bridge Road,

Somerville strata managed property - 15 Wylde Street, Potts Point

15 Wylde Street,
Potts Point

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