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Company title is a highly complex and litigious area of property ownership. Our highly experienced staff receive regular training from leading company title law firms to make sure our company title management and advice is always best practice. What’s more, we have a dedicated in-house legal counsel that provides ongoing support.

Company title management requires an in-depth understanding of corporations law and business management due to its governing frameworks. Ownership via company title means the land is owned by a company, and individual owners are shareholders who are entitled to exclusive occupation of a designated space. This means shareholders do not technically own any land or airspace as owners do in strata schemes. Rather, they are shareholders within the company that owns all land, common areas, and airspace.


As a distinctively unique form of land ownership, our teams are trained in the three major legislation areas of:

  • The Corporations Act 2001
  • The Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • The Environmental and Assessment Act 1979.

Why is company title management necessary?

The internal operations of company titled properties are governed by the company’s constitution which is written in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001. The constitution outlines the powers given to the board of directors. Directors, generally, have broad sweeping powers except when instructed by shareholders under their voting rights.

At Sydney Company Title Management, we provide directors and shareholders with comprehensive guidance to make sure they are fulfilling their duties and meeting legislative requirements. From making sure meetings are being held, ASIC is being updated with any company changes, to making sure the constitution is being interpreted by directors and shareholders correctly, we assist in running an efficient company titled property. Through effective management and advise, we help to maintain a good community culture and make a complex form of land title straightforward.


We help enhance property value and community living by providing management and advice across:

  • Director and shareholder duties
  • Board of director and annual general meetings
  • ASIC and company registration
  • Constitutions, articles of association, by-laws, house rules and house regulations
  • Levy setting, collecting and distributing
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Maintaining company records, audit preparation and business activity statements
  • Repairs and maintenance, preventative works, and contractor management
  • Building sustainability and building life-cycle management
  • Insurance, work health and safety, and compliance
  • Prospective shareholder and lessee’s management
  • Transferring to strata title.

Effective management is critical to successful company titled properties

Company titled properties can be complicated without the right skill sets

With directors and shareholders having fiduciary duties and responsibilities to make sure the company operates legally; shareholders have a vested interest in making sure the property meets its requirements and is run according to legislation.

Engaging experts on company title management to help meet Australia’s corporation and business standards is one of the most thorough and risk-averse ways to manage your property.

Having a highly skilled and professional company title manager means all directors and shareholders will have someone oversee and guide company operations. Company titled buildings are complex because of the nature of board and shareholder decision making. For example, the sale of a unit or a transfer of shares must be approved by the board of directors. Likewise, renting and new tenants must also be approved by the board; highlighting how company titled buildings can be prone to disputes without good management.

Having a professional manager to navigate decision making and interpret constitutions and house rules is a best practice way of minimising disputes and making processes more straightforward.

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