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Australia’s leading debt recovery specialists

In the debt recovery sector, your specialist is Kemps Petersons Receivables (KPR). With more than 70 years in debt recovery and over 20 years specialising in strata levy collection and strata debt collection, we have the expertise and resources to recover your money quickly and cost-effectively.

Powered by PICA Group, Kemps Petersons Receivables is an authorised supplier of Procurement Australia and our comprehensive range of services includes debt collection, debtor consultants and field calls, skip tracing and credit reporting.

We offer above-average recovery rates, low costs and fast turnaround and we have what it takes to get you back on track financially as quickly as possible.

Strata debt recovery

Healthy financials are the lifeblood of a strata property and overdue or unpaid strata levies and fees can quickly put a hole in your community cash flow.

This in turn has a flow-on effect on funding for strata expenses needed to manage and maintain the value of your property. So the sooner you can recover strata debt, the sooner you can get back on track financially.

And that’s where we can help at Kemps Petersons Receivables. One of Australia’s largest debt recovery agencies, our team has the skills and resources to recover your strata debt with a minimum of fuss.

Service features that set us apart include:

14-day collection process – with the right skills and procedures, most debt can be recovered quickly and without the need for costly court proceedings. Our established 14-day recovery process means we can offer a collection rate that’s well above the market average.

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Low costs – we offer best in market rates for our services and when we recover a debt, the debtor pays the recovery fee rather than you, so your owners corporation gets back more of what they’re owed.

Highly experienced – our debt collection specialists have the knowledge and best practice processes to reclaim the money most efficiently.

People-focused – because people are at the centre of everything we do, our debt recoveries are handled in a friendly, open and honest way.

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Comprehensive services – our services range from delivering and serving documents to field calls and skip tracing.

Commercial debt recovery

As well as strata debt recovery, Kemps Petersons Receivables are recovery specialists for businesses across a wide range of commercial sectors including construction, manufacturing, transport, media, retail, and finance.

We work with businesses of all sizes, often acting as an extension of their existing credit department and using our highly effective debt recovery processes to improve their cash flow management.

When handled well, debt recovery is more than just collecting money from clients who haven’t paid you. It’s also an opportunity to build better relationships with debtors while avoiding costly litigation.

And with more than 70 years of experience, Kemps Petersons Receivables is a recognised and well-respected provider of debt recovery services for both the public and private sectors.

We offer:

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A comprehensive range of services – including debtor location, skip tracing, document serving, field calls and credit reporting.

Best in market rates – we offer competitive fees and the debtor pays the recovery fee rather than you.

Best practice processes – people-focused service that’s open, honest and fully compliant.

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Debtor location and skip tracing

Debtor location and skip tracing are professional services we offer at Kemps Petersons Receivables. A risk-free way of locating your money, we use specialised search engines and our expertise in data management and research to locate debtors without breaching privacy laws.

People can often be difficult to locate when it comes to debt, whether it’s simply because they’ve moved away from an area or because they are deliberately using avoidance tactics such as changing addresses and phone numbers.

As one of Australia’s best debtor locators, Kemps Petersons Receivables can find and help recover your debt quickly using our team of targeted researchers and data recovery specialists.

Skip tracing involves intensive database mining and online forensics which, when combined with our team’s tenacity, experience and exceptional investigation techniques, almost always leads to the discovery of a debtor’s whereabouts.

If finding your debtor should turn out to be an even more complex process, we also have a highly trained private investigation team. They can use the information you have as a starting point and then conduct an in-depth investigation to locate your debtor.

A dedicated team means we have the time and resources to ensure even the most complex cases are resolved, both here in Australia and also overseas. And once a debtor is located, we can then arrange for payment or serve them with the appropriate legal documents.

Debtor consultations and field calls

Another form of debt collection we employ at Kemps Petersons Receivables is debtor consultations and field calls. These involve our team members making face to face contact with debtors, often by visiting their homes.

In accordance with recommendations by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), unless we are serving documents, we only use face to face visits as a last resort when initial attempts to contact debtors haven’t been successful.

Also following best practice procedures, we ensure that these personal visits are never intimidating for debtors. Our highly experienced field agents always act professionally and always observe privacy laws. Rather than being intimidating, they approach debtor consultations more as a means of starting a conversation about getting your money back.

By establishing a friendly, non-confrontational dialogue in person, field calls can help to open a line of communication in situations where a debtor has become unresponsive. They also help to send a polite but firm message that the debt is being taken seriously and won’t be written off. Field calls are also a good way of confirming a debtor’s address, in case documents need to be served at a later date.

Once a debtor has agreed to pay a debt, we then use advanced online payment portals to make it as easy as possible for them to comply. And we claim the full amount owed to you plus our fees from the debtor, so you can keep your accounts department happy by only paying our invoice once you’ve received the money.

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Credit reporting and risk management

There are different reasons why customers don’t always pay on time. Late payment can be because of a mismanaged or overworked accounts department or it could point to a more serious issue, such as a lack of funds or even a failing business.

But whatever the reason, the result can have a negative flow-on effect for your own business, harming your bottom line and disrupting your suppliers and payment commitments.

So doing a credit check on other businesses before you commit to dealing with them can arm you with a more accurate picture of their likelihood of paying on time and help you to avoid last-minute surprises that could potentially damage your business.

At Kemps Petersons Receivables, we know how important cash flow is to a business. So, to minimise the chances of your cash drying up because your invoices aren’t being paid, we’ve partnered with Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest credit reporting risk management agency.

That means we can provide you with low to high-risk credit reports against ABNs and ACNs for a one-off cost, rather than requiring you to sign up to the subscription model that most other credit reporting agencies work from.

Credit reporting allows you to avoid doing business with clients who have a history of defaulting on payments and our comprehensive reports include the following information:

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Payment defaults

Credit history

Any credit-related legal actions

Any credit or bankruptcy issues with directors and shareholders.

Using a credit reporting company to check the history of potential customers can help you to avoid bad debts and to maintain your cash flow, And Kemps Petersons Receivables’ pay-as-you-go service, makes it more cost-effective than ever to stay in the black.

Serving documents

The way legal documents are delivered to their recipients is very important. The law requires that any person who is served with a legal document relating to the courts must have it delivered to them in a legally compliant way.

Each court has slightly different methods for service of court documents, depending on the party being served and the monetary value of the case, with individuals and companies being the most common parties to legal proceedings.

At Kemps Petersons Receivables, we make sure that your court orders, summons, notices, subpoenas or other important documents are delivered correctly and efficiently via our registered and accredited team of document servers.

With a large proportion of our clients being law firms, you can be sure that we always follow best practice procedures and our extensive experience means you can have peace of mind that we will always get the job done properly.

Serving a document typically involves the following steps:

  • Identifying the person being served by asking them if they are the person named in the document
  • Handing them the document when they confirm it
  • Placing the document on the ground in front of them if they refuse to take it and advising them what it contains
  • Making a note of the date and time, the address, what was said to the person and what they said in reply.

Once a document has been served on someone, there is no need to personally serve other court documents, which can be mailed to them, emailed, faxed or given to their lawyer.

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Other legal services

Kemps Petersons Receivables works in partnership with Kemps Petersons Legal, which handles all other legal aspects not related to debt recovery. Kemps Petersons Legal provides a comprehensive range of legal services relating to:

Bankruptcy and insolvency icon

Bankruptcy and insolvency – including company director declarations, voluntary administration, receivership, liquidation, lodgement of caveats, drafting of deeds, court possession of property and sale of the property on behalf of a trustee.

Strata by-law drafting – an end to end service that includes drafting, updating, registering and consolidating your strata by-laws.

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Property law and conveyancing – including property disputes, strata and community living, buying, selling and leasing property and general property advice.

Estate law and wills icon

Estate law and wills – including drafting wills, will disputes, powers of attorney and enduring guardianship, probate and administration and estate litigation.

Commercial litigation– in relation to contracts, bankruptcy, insolvency, debt recovery, credit policies, terms and conditions, general property advice, industrial business, commercial motor vehicle claims and commercial arrangements for strata, leasing, licensing and investments.

Kemps Petersons Legal also specialises in credit policy drafting, strata legal services, negotiation and mediation and our experienced teams of lawyers, paralegals and researchers have the solutions you need at an affordable price, regardless of your issue.

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Our experienced teams can help you achieve the best possible outcome, whether it’s strata related or strictly commercial.

And if you’re owed money, Kemps Petersons Receivables are the experts you need, specialising in debt recovery, debtor location services, skip tracing, filed calls, credit reporting and more.

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