About GK Strata Mangement

About GK Strata Management

Your local strata services provider since 1983

Who we are

GK Strata Management is a local business specialising in strata and community management for residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

Located in the business hub of Sydney, New South Wales, GK Strata Management has been operating since 1983. As a specialist strata management provider, we have become well known for our local expertise and personalised strata services.

We have a particular specialisation in buildings of architectural or historical significance, which generally are subject to a heritage listing, or are commercial suites, industrial units, art deco, a high rise with resort-style facilities, a garden estate of villas or townhouses or a simple three-storey walk-up.

Our team of specialist strata management staff oversee the management of nearly 450 properties throughout Sydney and surrounding areas. We are also connected with a diverse team of local quality tradesmen and offer a range of Community services to take care of any maintenance repairs or specific needs that your strata property requires.

GK Strata Management is a member of the PICA Group family.


Our unique service offering

GK Strata Management has the years of experience, a wide breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise, and best practice management techniques, to offer our customers the very best strata and community management services in the area:

  • We invest in the latest information technology to ensure we provide the most current and efficient methods of strata management. We store information electronically so that you can access your records easily, including meeting notices and minutes, financial reporting, and perpetual documentation such as by-laws and building reports via a secure online information hub
  • All our staff are professionally trained in legislation and preferred management practices, and many hold a strata licence and Certificate of Registration in strata management
  • We speak your language; our bilingual team can help break down communication barriers
  • Our strata managers have remote access to emails, reports, and documentation, so that we can respond to your enquiries in the shortest possible time frame
  • Our dedicated repairs and maintenance department manage common property repairs so issues are resolved in an efficient and timely manner. We also hold extensive knowledge and experience in the remedial repairs process
  • We ensure that the contractors we engage with are correctly licensed and insured. This minimises the risk if either the contractor or a third party is injured, and that they comply with legislative requirements
  • We vigorously monitor and manage the recovery of any outstanding strata levies. Our finance team will liaise with the strata manager and Kemps Petersons Receivables (KPR), our debt collection agent (if necessary) to ensure every effort is made to settle any outstanding monies
  • We’re dedicated to keeping you informed. We issue quarterly newsletters to all owners providing information concerning industry issues that may impact the operation or management of your strata property
  • We leverage the support network, Community services range, and resources of Australia’s leading property services company in Australia, PICA Group


Our property portfolio

GK Strata Management manages a diverse range of properties including residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use properties. From heritage-listed buildings to art deco and more. Here are some of the properties that are part of our family:

GK strata managed property - World Tower, Sydney

World Tower,

GK strata managed property - 180 Maroubra Road, Maroubra

180 Maroubra Road,

GK strata managed property - 70-72 Amy Street, Campsie

70-72 Amy Street,

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