About Dynamic Property Services

About Dynamic Property Services

Your local strata services provider since 1980

Who we are

Established in 1980 in the heart of Sydney, Dynamic Property Services started with just a handful of people in a small office space. Since then, we have gained a long and successful track record in the ethical management of strata and community schemes, building management committees and company title properties We are also one of the most awarded strata management companies in New South Wales.

Dynamic Property Services has a key focus in the specialisation of large, complex, and multi-tiered schemes and associations. Our portfolio includes Sydney’s most prestigious properties, as well as several premier regional developments throughout New South Wales.

Our business is structured to provide bespoke strata management services. This is achieved through the allocation of smaller portfolios which allow managers to customise their management services to the particular needs of the committees and owners corporations they manage.

Our specialisation in large, complex, and multi-tiered sites likewise allow for advanced and focused training development in this sector of the industry. This results in a highly skilled management team that understand the nuances and statutory requirements particular to all types of developments.

We also offer a level of professional knowledge and a depth of experience and expertise that is unparalleled in the strata management industry. At times, other strata management companies even refer properties that appear too complex for them to manage to us!


Our unique service offering

Dynamic Property Services offers a differentiated strata and community management services experience because:

  • Most of our strata managers hold a strata licence which is the highest level of vocational qualification for a strata specialist. The strata licence qualification requires a significant degree of technical expertise, along with substantial practical experience and an ongoing commitment to professional development.
  • We invest heavily in the professional training and development of our strata managers and support staff to keep up to date with the latest legislation and preferred management approaches. This ensures committee members and property owners are given the best possible advice, especially given the increasing complexity of the legislation.
  • Our strata assistants, as well as other professionals in the company, are qualified with a Certificate of Registration in strata management.
  • Happy and professionally satisfied staff provide superior service delivery. In 2009, Dynamic Property Services achieved fifth place overall of service delivery and was named the best Australian owned company in BRW’s top 50 list of “Best Companies to Work For”.
  • National industry bench-marking shows that our managers are responsible for a significantly lower number of properties than the industry average. This allows for a much higher ratio of support staff to managers than other comparable businesses, enabling our staff to offer a high level of personalised service.
  • Each manager is responsible for only a small portfolio, so the manager and support staff get to know your strata property very well, as does your property’s accounting person who will be able to deal with any of your financial questions.


Our property portfolio

Dynamic Property Services manages a diverse range of premium strata and community schemes, building management committees (BMCs) and company title properties. Here are some of the properties that are part of our family:

Dynamic strata managed property - Central Park, Sydney

Central Park,

Dynamic strata managed property - Towns Place

Towns Place,

Dynamic strata managed property - Trio City Quarter, Camperdown

Trio City Quarter,

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