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Caring for your property

Building Facilities Management Solutions (BFMS) brings building expertise to strata properties to create a better way of living and to extend the life of your investment.

Maintaining the assets and facilities for strata properties requires time and expertise. While most members of owners corporations work hard for the benefit of their property, the skills and experience required to undertake this effectively may be well beyond the skillset of most committee members.

Having an experienced facilities manager on the ground can help with the proactive maintenance and improvement of your residential, commercial or mixed-use strata property.

Creating a better strata living environment

For more than 20 years, our skilled and experienced facilities managers have taken the time to get to know our customers and become part of their strata community.

Our Charter of Service Standards guides us to enhance community living for the better by creating and preserving spaces where people love to live and work.

For your building and maintenance needs, we have an extensive network of contractors and service providers. This will ensure convenience for owners corporations seeking peace-of-mind and professionalism in the management and consistent maintenance of your asset.

When done right, good facilities management can result in:

Increased property value

Higher rental income

Reduced operating costs


Reduced stress and workload

Building maintenance for strata: the best of both worlds

Few owners corporations have the time or expertise to administer regular operations and maintenance works needed to keep strata properties running smoothly and looking pristine. Our full range of services give you control over which services you outsource to our highly experienced facilities management experts.

Coordinating building management services results in high-functioning and compliant strata properties. Here at BFMS, our end-to-end building and facilities management services support owners corporations by:

  • Identifying maintenance issues early through regular site inspections of facilities, grounds, plant and equipment
  • Being available 24/7 for emergency maintenance support to common property maintenance issues
  • Managing contractors and overseeing works
  • Professionally managing common property
  • Communicating with relevant parties and stakeholders
  • Helping to identify by-laws breaches and escalate appropriately.

The BFMS advantage

Our on-site building management specialists work hand in hand with strata managers and owners corporations to deliver a range of common property management and maintenance services. Our tailored full-time or part-time services can be customised to suit your unique needs.

A professional team who cares
We support our on-site managers with a hierarchy of support
As the eyes and ears of your building, we maintain a respectful person-centric approach where we match the right manager and team to your property – with the support of area managers, relief managers, and an operations team.


Value for money
Proactive measures to drive efficiencies
Through increasing sustainability, reducing wastage, and using technology and data, our goal is to deliver a more efficient building bottom-line to the committee.


Information analytics for regulatory change
Stay informed on regulatory updates
We use technology and specialist regulatory programming, so our teams know about compliance changes as and when they happen.


Administration storage and document management
Online building management software
We maintain records on behalf of your property including as-built drawings, instruction manuals, maintenance reports, contractor service reports, strata plans, by-laws, and invoices on the online platform.

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