Get an owners corporation management quote from BCS Victoria

Get an owners corporation management quote from BCS Victoria

We offer tailored owners corporation management services to meet your needs

Our neighbours are no longer just the people we share our streets with; they are now the people with whom we share our building. We live closer and share more than ever before. Through sharing common areas such as lobbies, walls, gardens, and driveways, we are challenged to learn and embrace new forms of community living.

Our team of owners corporation professionals help manage and coordinate the administrative operations, financial management, and maintenance of owners corporation properties by providing expert guidance to committees and the owners corporation through.


Administrative operations

Through our local branch staff and centralised support team, we help alleviate the demands, stress and risk that comes with managing your property. With years of experience, access to regular industry training and best-in-class technology, we offer the in-depth expertise needed across all administrative requirements, no matter which property type.


Financial management

We protect your owners corporation property by managing the collection, accounting of funds with complete transparency and diligent reporting, including online invoice approval, invoice payments, a centralised support finance team, and debt recovery.


Maintenance coordination

We ensure buildings and common areas within an owners corporation property are maintained for the benefit of all lot owners including maintenance planning, maximising cost efficiencies, and contractor coordination.

Why get an owners corporation management quote from BCS Queensland

Tailored proposal

Easy, no fuss paperwork

Competitive fees

Free, no obligation

As service providers across property types, there is no owners corporation proeprty or community living arrangement that is too small or too complex for us to help you with.

Our team is available to talk through your situation and can prepare a tailored owners corporation management quote for your property.

Here are some local neighbours we help manage:

BCS owners corporation managed property - 1 Queensberry Street, Carlton

1 Queensberry Street,

BCS owners corporation managed property - 181 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

181 Exhibition Street,

BCS owners corporation managed property - 250 St Kilda Road, Southbank

250 St Kilda Road,

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