BCS Melbourne

Branch Manager

Alex McCormick

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Welcome to BCS Melbourne

Our branch has a strong and close-knit network of strata managers that strive to deliver professional, localised, and tailored expertise for strata and related property services for all property types.

We employ people with expert knowledge and experience who care about improving the strata industry. We are all working together, aiming towards the same goal – making strata easier for you!

Alex McCormick, Branch Manager

Our Portfolio

Thornbury – 62 lots

Melbourne – 75 lots

North Melbourne – 101 lots

Top Articles

Water damage can often lead to costly repairs and legal disputes. Click here to read our three-step approach to navigating water damage and identifying who is responsible for repairs.

Who is responsible for strata property water damage?

Installing CCTV cameras on a strata property can provide increased security and safety. Click here to discover why you may need CCTV cameras and how they can be used without invading residents’ privacy.

CCTV cameras: added security or breach of privacy?

By-laws help govern strata communities, so it’s essential to deal with breaches immediately. Click here to read eight things you can do if someone breaks by-laws in your strata property.

What to do when someone breaks by-laws in your strata property?


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