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Congratulations to our three winners with the BEST stories! And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated.

Denise Brougham

Story: I received a call one Monday morning from an owner of a unit who had regularly complained about the “group of young men” who occupied a unit which was in her complex.

She needed to walk past the unit to get to hers and she complained about the noise, and number of people.

She called to say that she arrived home on Sunday afternoon and the boys had obviously been drinking and were on the balcony. Naked. And were waving at her, but not using their hands…

Amanda Harris

Story: One of our properties recently arranged to have a pest inspection carried out.

Shortly after the inspection our office received a call from a seriously distressed Lot Owner. The Lot Owner alleged that the Pest Contractor whilst carrying out the inspection had stolen part of his extensive porn collection.

Needless to say, it was a very sticky situation. Ba dum tss…

Anton Peetz

Story: About midday on a Friday I started receiving strange emails from my committee advising me that the garbage contractor had been fined by the Police for leaving an unregistered Garbage/Skip Bin on the street for collection.

Many more emails ensued from committee members stating they had never heard of such a thing, enquiring what could be done to register the Garbage/Skip bin, did it require a number plate? Etc.

It was not until that night when I was watching TV and a “Newsflash” came on regarding a man fined in the Newcastle CBD with an unregistered Skip Bin.

The photo tells it all:

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