Our products and services

Our products and services

As a family network of businesses, we provide expert advice across five key areas

Specialising in these areas means we have your property service needs covered. From drafting and registering by-laws to hands-on facilities management and providing debt recovery and legal services, our core services and expert staff provide industry-leading and best practice advice.

We specialise in all property types

As service providers to some of the most elaborate and complex property arrangements, we have experience and knowledge across all Australian ownership and land schemes. No property or community living arrangement is too small or too complex for our teams.

We help some of Australia’s most complex property arrangements, including:

Our Community services range

Aligned with our passion to enhance community living, we have a range of community services and exclusive offerings to help manage your home and investment


With community and strata living fast becoming a lifestyle choice across Australia, PICA Group has a dedicated team who work with strata managers, committee members and property owners to make the day-to-day management of your property easier through relevant products and services. Our on-the-ground experience and an understanding of what is important means we can deliver ways to ease the administration, enhance your property value, keep people safe, reduce liability and increase savings.

Community After Hours

24/7 emergency maintenance support service

Emergencies can happen at any time of the day. That’s why our staff are trained to manage maintenance calls 24/7, so you can get assistance when you need it. Our team can determine whether your issue is on common property or not, can offer a temporary solution, and arrange for a registered and fully insured contractor to fix your issue.

Community Health and Safety

Protect your property against claims for injury, incident, or hazards 

We help you manage the day-to-day risks associated with the health and safety of people entering your strata property and report injuries, incidents, and hazards on your common property to fulfill your duty of care.

Access your strata information anytime, from anywhere 

With CommunityHub there is no more waiting for office hours or returned phone calls to get information. You can access it all right now. From downloading agendas and minutes for your meetings to viewing your by-laws and levy balance, and making levy payments on the go, it’s all at your fingertips.

A comprehensive directory of professional service providers 

Based on customer feedback and hands-on experience we have more than 2,500 listed contractors on CommunitySelect. All contractor certificates and insurances are thoroughly checked for competency, insurance and compliance for your peace of mind.


Extra insurance cover at no additional cost

A quality insurance provider in the market. Protect your common property with this comprehensive cover. Available exclusively via select brokers (BCB, BAC, Honan, and Whitbread) to properties managed by PICA Group and backed by QBE and CHU, one of Australia’s largest strata insurers.


Reduce the cost of your community living utility bills

Find and lock in the market’s most competitive energy and utility rates for your strata property with help from our team of experts. Our CommunityUtilities team take the hassle out of finding the best in market rate.

(NSW Only)

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