Strata debt recovery services

Strata debt recovery services

We have a wide range of services
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If your strata property is constantly struggling with unpaid levies, PICA Group’s debt recovery specialists, Kemps Petersons, have the skills and resources to recover your money quickly and cost-effectively.

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20+ years’ strata experience

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14-day collection process

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Cost-effective recovery

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Comprehensive range of services

How our strata levy recovery service works

Relying on others to pay levies and fees doesn’t always go to plan, so strata owners and committees sometimes need a helping hand to keep their financials healthy and maintain their cash flow.

And PICA Group helps expedite this process by providing fast and efficient debt recovery services. We use tried and tested methods and procedures to recover what’s owed quickly, efficiently and in a friendly, clear and honest way.

When you become a customer, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will personally guide you through the debt collection process and keep you informed of progress. And your enquiries will always be answered promptly and courteously and your information treated with strict confidentiality.

Debt collection

We use an established 14-day collection process to achieve a recovery rate well above the industry standard. Among other things, this process involves treating debtors courteously and fairly, and streamlining the repayment process for them

Process serving

We follow best practice procedures and ensure legal documents such as court orders, summons, notices and subpoenas are delivered correctly and efficiently by our registered and accredited team of document servers

Field calls

If initial attempts to contact debtors haven’t worked, we use face-to-face visits so we can confirm their location and negotiate payment. As recommended by the ACCC, we use field calls only as a last resort unless serving documents and we remain professional at every step of the way

Skip tracing

As one of Australia’s best debtor locators, we can find and recover your debt quickly using our data recovery team and a dedicated private investigation team if required. Our data management expertise means we can often find people online without breaching privacy laws and our private investigators have the skill and resources to locate even the most difficult cases in Australia or overseas

Credit reporting

To minimise your chances of accruing bad debts in the first place, we partner with a credit reporting risk management agency to provide you with low to high-risk credit reports against ABNs and ACNs. And unlike other agencies, we can provide these reports for a one-off cost without the need for a subscription

Legal services

If legal action becomes unavoidable, our incorporated legal practise boasts a team of highly experienced lawyers and paralegals who can help manage issues in a range of settings, from less formal negotiations through to court proceedings. And we can do so at an affordable price, regardless of what your issue may be

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PICA Group and Kemps Petersons Receivables difference

PICA Group is Australia’s leading provider of strata services and our debt recovery service delivered by Kemps Petersons Receivables is unrivalled due to our:

Tick icon 20+ years’ strata experience

Our team has the skills and resources to recover your money quickly and cost-effectively so that you always have the funds you need to manage and maintain the value of your property.

Tick icon 14-day collection process

We have an established 14-day collection process that results in most claims being settled quickly and without the need for costly legal battles.

Tick icon Cost-effective recovery

Our primary aim is to recover money quickly and cost-effectively, so we offer the best in market rates and when we recover a debt, the debtor pays the recovery fee, not you.

Tick icon Comprehensive range of services

As one of Australia’s largest debt recovery specialists, we offer a wide range of services including debt collection, delivering and serving documents, field calls, skip tracing, credit reporting and legal services.

Why PICA Group and Kemps Petersons?

PICA Group is a unique group of industry specialist businesses with a strong locally-focused branch network across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

From strata management to legal services, our network provides our customers with access to unparalleled knowledge and specialists in each area of the property services market.

And in the debt recovery sector, that specialist is Kemps Petersons Receivables. With over 70 years in debt collection and more than 20 years specialising in strata and levy debt, they have the experience, resources and skills to recover your money as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

An authorised supplier of Procurement Australia, an organisation that provides its members with vetted services across a range of industries, Kemps Petersons Receivables is a recognised provider of debt recovery services.

Boasting above-market recovery rates, low costs and fast turnaround, this subsidiary company of PICA Group has what it takes to get your strata property back on track and in the black.

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