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In operation since 2002, CommunitySelect provides access to a contractor database – all contractor certificates and insurances are verified so that you can reduce risks in your strata property.

Appoint a contractor in confidence based on our years of strata experience


As Australia’s leading property service provider, we know strata properties need regular maintenance and different kinds of TLC. Having contractors and professional service providers undertake work on common property can be risky unless fully verified, licensed and insured.

At CommunitySelect, we undertake verification processes to maintain a database of maintenance contractors and tradespeople that are fully qualified and safe to use.

With strata properties regularly requiring maintenance and work, we have a diverse selection of trusted contractors that can cater to your needs.

To maintain safety, compliance, and a high level of work, all PICA Group strata managers appoint maintenance contractors through CommunitySelect.

Get the right person for the job

100% insurance and risk management coverage

Added protection with thorough work, health and safety checks

Get the right person for the job. We verify the skills you need

CommunitySelect’s maintenance contractors cover a large range of trades and professional services. Whether you need a pest controller or a fully qualified engineer, CommunitySelect can provide you with a fully-compliant and qualified contractor. Our database includes all contractors who undertake work on a strata property.


Here are just some of the types of maintenance contractors we have on our extensive CommunitySelect database:

Trades and maintenance

  • Builders
  • Carpenters
  • Cleaners
  • Concreters
  • Electricians
  • Facilities management specialists
  • Fencers and roof tilers
  • Gasfitters
  • Glass and glazing specialists
  • HVAC technicians
  • Landscapers and gardeners
  • Painters and plasters
  • Pest controllers
  • Plumbers
  • Security services and locksmiths

Professional services

  • Access consultants
  • Acoustic consultants
  • Arboriculturists
  • Architects
  • Construction managers
  • Defects specialists
  • Engineers
  • Fire safety practitioners
  • Pool safety certifiers
  • Work health and safety specialists
  • Structural waterproofing consultants
  • Surveyors

Have peace of mind knowing you have 100% insurance and risk management coverage

While 80% of owners know licensing and insurance for maintenance contractors is important, but only one in ten checks whether the contractors they are using have them. With CommunitySelect, you don’t have to leave yourself vulnerable.

Our service provides peace of mind that the utmost is done to minimise the chances of liability and costs falling back on owners and committees when things don’t go according to plan.
We check all maintenance contractors have the appropriate insurance for their line of work and the advice they provide.

Insurances that CommunitySelect check include:

Public and products liability insurance
CommunitySelect confirms that all maintenance contractors who enter your property have public and products liability insurance. Without it, should anyone be injured or die as a result of the work being undertaken, or property is damaged, owners and committees can end up liable.

Professional indemnity insurance
For any provider, certifier, or contractor who provides advice or service to owners or committees, professional indemnity insurance guarantees that should the work or advice include mistakes, omissions, or breaches, that the financial damages can be claimed from the contractor.

Workers compensation insurance
At CommunitySelect, we check all contractors who require workers compensation insurance, making sure they have it.

CommunitySelect means added protection with thorough work, health & safety checks and support

As one of the largest maintenance contractor databases on the market, we go beyond checking insurance. A CommunitySelect contractor means they have signed the PICA Group work health and safety declaration and code of conduct.

Signing PICA Group’s declarations mean our maintenance contractors and professional service providers understand the state-based work health and safety requirements they are obligated to meet. And have agreed to our high standards and codes of behaviour.

To take our vetting process to the highest level, we have a dedicated team monitoring state-based legislation. This means if any licence or accreditation changes happen impacting contractors, we make sure all maintenance contractors meet the new criteria.

Without up-to-date papers and meeting current criteria, CommunitySelect technology stops work orders being issued to any providers who aren’t 100% certified.

What’s more, all CommunitySelect maintenance contractors have been confirmed as a legitimate holding.

All CommunitySelect maintenance contractors are:

  • Verified with relevant credentials in regard to qualifications before undertaking strata works
  • Trusted by strata providers and owners corporations, and are experienced in delivering high-quality work
  • Fully insured with the appropriate coverage for work type, including public liability and professional indemnity
  • Fully accredited and licensed, including membership to industry associations
  • Expected to follow the Work Health and Safety Act
  • Expected to follow PICA Group’s code of conduct
  • Registered with ASIC and had their ABN, trading name, business licence, and business owner matched and confirmed.

Access professional service providers through CommunitySelect

To find out more about CommunitySelect and related information, contact us using the form on this page and we’ll be in touch soon.

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