Community Health & Safety

Community Health and Safety

Protect your property against claims for injury, incident or hazards

We help you manage the day-to-day risks associated with the health and safety of people entering your strata property and report injuries, incidents, and hazards on your common property to fulfill your duty of care.

Community health and safety is important for each and every individual because we all desire to live and work in a safe and protected environment.

Being proactive in managing potential risks and promoting wellness is a duty and moral responsibility of any committee, owners corporation and business to look after their residents and staff.

Have an injury, incident or hazard to report?

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Whether you’re formally engaging a contractor to do maintenance works or having a contractor come and go, your strata manager and the Community Health & Safety team are ready to help and support you 24/7.

Why Community Health & Safety

Strata duty of care

Since Community Health & Safety started more than five years ago, in our strata duty of care we have assisted over 4,000 properties to record and manage over 20,000 common property hazards and incidents. Our help has logged hundreds of cases ranging from minor to extreme.

Community Health & Safety takes the guesswork out of making sure you and your common property are meeting requirements across the key areas:

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Strata Schemes Management Act

Duty to maintain, repair, and manage common property according to legislation

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Work Health and Safety Act

Duty to ensure safety to those performing services

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Common law and public liability

Duty of care to all people who enter your common property

Community Health & Safety benefits

We all have the right to live and work in a safe and protected environment


The responsibility of owners to ensure that their common property is safe to use is often overlooked because it isn’t straightforward. With up-to-date alerts, comprehensive resources and a dedicated team available to you 24/7, we help make sure you’re covered.

  • Access to expert consultants
  • Regular legislation updates
  • Dedicated team to report, file, and log incidents
  • Historical record keeping for evidence and to avoid unnecessary callouts
  • Improved tracking of health and safety matters, including work orders
  • Access to more than 2,500 authorised contractors
  • Work Health and Safety guidance and best practice procedures and systems to tailor for your property
  • And much more!

We can also support you by connecting you to other specialists who offer additional support services across community living, including:

  • Training for committees, facilities managers, and caretakers on public liability and WHS
  • Site-specific regulatory compliance reporting as a health check for your property

Community Health & Safety toolkit

Community Health & Safety Alerts


These alerts have been provided to give you a more detailed understanding of specific cases that may relate to your building, and to help you determine the priority that may need to be allocated to a specific risk.

Note: available for existing customers only

Community Health & Safety fact sheets

Fact sheets

We’ve created a library of fact sheets to assist you in identifying critical hazards or incidents in common property areas, and to guide you on how to approach the various situations you may face.

Note: available for existing customers only

Community Health & Safety forms


A big part of keeping with Community Health & Safety is in equal parts being knowledgeable in health and safety best practice and standards, and keeping track of incidents when they occur so issues may be rectified in future.

Protect your strata property with Community Health & Safety

Avoid unnecessary claims for injury, incident or hazards. To find out more on Community Health & Safety or related information, contact us using the form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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