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Our PICA Group family is powered by knowledge, experience, and resources

PICA Group is a unique network of industry specialist businesses with a strong locally-focused branch network. We are a unique company that has specialists in each area of the property services market and extensive experience to offer customers. From strata and facilities management to legal and debt recovery services, our network provides access to unparalleled knowledge. No matter what type of property title, scheme, plan or problem, our PICA Group family network has the offering and the know-how to help.

How this benefits our customers

Access to Australia’s strongest national network of resources, while maintaining personalised service and expertise from your locally-focused strata management company

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Introducing Australia’s leading property service provider

We have been enhancing community living since 1948

With more than 200,000 lots under management, we have grown from managing Australia’s first strata-titled property to becoming leaders in community living.

As a market leader, we offer a comprehensive range of services through a family network of businesses. From strata and facilities management to debt recovery, legal, and developer services, we continue to enhance Australia’s community living. Regardless of property type, whether it is residential, commercial or mixed-use, we care for one of life’s most valuable assets: your investment and home.

Our network of resources

  • 24/7 emergency maintenance support
  • In-house team of specialists
  • Strata legislation guidance
  • Online access to information
  • Extensive contractor database
  • Debt recovery services
  • Exclusive discounts and savings
  • Community Living resource library
  • Community Health and Safety program
  • Best-in-market common property insurance

Helpful resources and services
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