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We like to have our customers covered no matter what their move is. That’s why we have partnered with McGrath Estate Agents Parramatta & Blacktown, to make your next move the right one. Download your free property report to unlock the latest sales, rental values and insights about your home so that you stay informed on market updates.

This free report provides you with:

Estimated property value for your home
Get the latest market update on sales within your building, including size and value

Get the latest suburb market update
Access key sales statistics and market trends for your suburb, including changes to the median value, weekly rent and days on market

Sales history and activity
Get deeper insights on what has been happening over the last decade on sales and the make-up of the suburb characteristics.

Buying, selling or investing? Researching the market is key to success

A key first step for home buyers, sellers and property investors is to understand what’s happening in the property market and specifically what that means to your property or the one you are looking at purchasing.

Step 1 | Get a digital property report
Simply enter your property’s address or the address of the property you are looking at buying and receive a detailed digital report on the specific property; its estimated property value, the property history, suburb sales statistics, the local market trends, sales and growth for the area, peak selling periods, housing characteristics and loads more.

Step 2 | Talk to your local McGrath Parramatta sales agent

Your McGrath Parramatta Agent lives and breathes real estate in the area. They are able to share insights into local properties sales, unit and house price trends, market conditions and current buyer and seller activity. They are aware of properties that are coming on the market, properties that are being sold ‘off-market’ and the general profile of the suburb.

Step 3 | Get a property appraisal and find out your property value

During an informal visit to your property the agents will review; its size, number of bedrooms, fixtures and fittings, areas for improvement, its location, building structure and condition, overall presentation and fit-out, ease of access, planning restrictions, market conditions and recent local sales. They will provide you with an in-depth report including your property valuation estimate. This is a great way to find out a lot of information about your property and help you make smarter financial decisions.

Step 4 | Visit the McGrath insight centre
Access a library of in-depth articles, eBooks and checklists provide insights, advice and guidance for buyers, sellers and investors. With information on current market trends, guidance on all things property, along with John McGrath’s popular weekly article, this is your go-to resource for practical information if you are looking at buying, selling or investing.

As a valued PICA Group customer, our partnership with McGrath Estate Agents brings you the latest market insights on your strata property, keeping you informed of recent sales in your building.

Download your free property sales report

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