Defibrillator offer

A defibrillator on your property can save lives

Sudden cardiac arrest kills almost 30,000 Australians every year, and because you can’t know when it happens, we need defibrillators in all homes and buildings


Automated external defibrillators are lifesaving pieces of equipment. Used at the right time, a defibrillator can increase the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest by 70 per cent. Without it, Australia’s biggest killer has a 90 per cent fatality rate. Being prepared saves lives.

Of Australia’s cardiac arrests, around 71 percent happen in people’s private residences and homes where there often isn’t access to defibrillators despite being reasonably affordable.

To help our communities save lives and be prepared, PICA Group is providing free $300 gift cards to encourage all committees and owners to install these lifesaving machines.

  • Choose a defibrillator model of your choice
  • Easy to install
  • Autonomously monitored
  • 4 years battery and pad life
  • 8 years warranty
  • Online training and unlimited access to assistance

Act now, there are limited gift cards available!

How to download your gift card

To download your $300 gift card, head to PICA Group’s partnership page with The Defib Warehouse, and submit the online form. Don’t forget, you can get your gift card and purchase a defibrillator for your common property or as an owner. Once you’ve submitted the online form at The Defib Warehouse, you’ll get your gift card via email the same day.

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Choosing and buying a defibrillator you want

To deliver a comprehensive service, our partnership with The Defib Warehouse means competitive prices. Once you receive your gift card, you can shop The Defib Warehouse and choose the model that suits you and your property best.

When you decide to purchase, just follow the prompts at The Defib Warehouse payment window and insert the gift card details where it says, ‘Apply Coupon’.

To shop for your defibrillator today and to see the range of devices, visit The Defib Warehouse.

Knowing how to use your defibrillator

The Defib Warehouse will provide you with all the training you and your property need to feel competent and comfortable to both administer CPR and apply your defibrillator.

Don’t forget, defibs are easy to use and designed to be used by untrained members of the public. The device will actually talk the user through the steps that need to be taken for the machine to deliver a shock.

Administering successful CPR straightaway is also critical to survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest. You will receive a training video package upon the purchasing of your device and have unlimited access to online training and assistance.

Effective CPR to accompany defibrillator-use maximises the chances of saving someone’s life.

Individuals and committees can implement life-saving machines

Regardless whether you’re a committee acting on behalf of your property, or whether you’re an individual owner, this opportunity and deal is available to you. Community living and strata properties can be invoiced appropriately for whole schemes.

Liability concerns

According to The Defib Warehouse and leading legal research, choosing to own a defibrillator doesn’t impact the liability of individual owners or committees. Any risk is mitigated by proactive maintenance regime on the part of The Defib Warehouse where they proactively reach out to customers as their battery and pads need changing.

Download your gift card today

At PICA Group, we understand that it’s not always up to a paramedic or medical expert to save someone’s life. Sometimes, it’s up to us. Get your gift card and purchase a defibrillator for the common property or as an owner.

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