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PICA Group Giving Back

In our role as strata managing agent for more than 220,000 lots across Australia, we know the importance that communities can have on society.  Where possible, we try to make a difference by enhancing community living of those around us.

To date, we have contributed funds towards supporting these charitable organisations:

as well as in the following ways:

Supporting employee participation at a local level

If there is a sporting or community event that an employee would like to participate in, PICA Group will match the entry fee paid, together with a donation to the relevant charity.  Or, an employee can hold their own fundraiser and PICA Group will match the funds raised.

Getting behind one charity nationally

Each year PICA Group selects a charity that it supports at a national level with funding and resources.

Hosting department charity events

To celebrate the coming of Spring, the Marketing & Communications team hosted a PICA Group picnic in Sydney to raise funds towards helping Youth Off the Streets create a safe environment and support the growth of young people across Australia.

Partner with other charity organisations

Joining in the fun of Movember, our team did their part in supporting Movember Foundation Australia.

Knowing that there is so much need out there, we are always keen to give back with a big heart, open hands and a generous spirit!

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