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Local organisations and local heroes matter

Connectedness is the foundation of a strong community, giving us meaning and purpose. For PICA Group, this is significant because communities are at the heart of everything we do.

The communities we support often look after the same people who come and go from the properties we care for and share a similar ethos of looking out for those around us. From sporting clubs to community support groups, PICA Group consider community organisations our local heroes.


We have proudly supported the following community groups:

Enhancing community living by giving back

At the heart of everything we do

Our urban landscape continues to change throughout Australia, as does our way of living. Our neighbours are no longer just the people we share our streets with; they are now the people who share our building. We live closer and share more than ever before. Through sharing common areas such as lobbies, walls, gardens and driveways, we are challenged to learn and embrace new forms of community living. PICA Group is dedicated to helping Australians navigate this evolving landscape by providing the expertise and tools to enhance community living.

How we’ve made a difference for our local communities

BCS Chatswood sleeps rough to raise money for domestic violence and youth homelessness

With more than 2 million Australians experiencing domestic violence and 47,000 young people facing homelessness in Australia, our BCS Chatswood team slept rough last week to raise money and support those impacted by some of Australia’s biggest health and welfare issues.

Spring picnic in support of Youth Off The Streets

To celebrate the coming of Spring, the Marketing & Communications team hosted a PICA Group picnic in Sydney to raise funds towards helping Youth Off the Streets create a safe environment and support the growth of young people across Australia.

CEO Sleepout

Vinnies’ CEO Sleepout

Our CEO takes part in the Vinnies’ CEO Sleepout, and sleeps rough on one of the longest nights of the year to help raise funds for Australians experiencing homelessness.

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