How to set up your account

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How to set up access to the new CommunityHub portal

Before you can access CommunityHub, check that you have already completed the following:

1. Requested a new account (if  this has not been done, please contact your strata manager)
2. Received an auto-generated ‘activation’ email with the subject line Welcome to MyCommunity


STEP 1: Click the activation link

Click the “Activate Your Account” link in the auto-generated activation email where you will be led to a webpage to create your password

STEP 2: Create your password

Follow the prompts to create your password.

STEP 3: Login to the new CommunityHub portal

You will be taken to a login page (note: this portal is labelled as “MyCommunity” and not CommunityHub)
Login using your new assigned email address and new password.  From here, you will able to access online invoice approval and your property information.

STEP 4: Take the guided tour

We have created a quick tour within CommunityHub to help familiarise you with the system.
The pop-up message will disappear once you have gone through the tour. You can select ‘skip introduction’ if you wish.

STEP 5: Explore

After you have taken the tour (or you select to skip introduction), you will be taken to a new information dashboard.

Some useful tips:

1. Create a shortcut for this URL (login page for portal) in your browser
2. Use the Google Chrome browser when accessing the new CommunityHub portal
3. For mobile access, download “Community by Urbanise” through the App Store or Google Play.

We hope you enjoy this new and improved experience!

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