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COVID has changed our lives – what was considered normal before, is no longer the case and we all have to adapt to new ways of working, living and playing. With more time at home, we’re looking at things a bit differently now. Your strata property is where you’re spending more time to live, work, exercise and enjoy our past times, so it’s more important than ever to have a healthy and vibrant strata community.

At PICA Group, we’re dedicated to helping Australians protect and maintain their home and investment, that’s why we provide the tools and expertise to enhance community living. We do this through liveability, certainty and harmony.

Enhancing community living is about strengthening the three pillars of strata living

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When it comes to living in a strata title property and amongst a community, most matters come down to liveability, certainty and harmony. These are used to measure the success of your strata management approach and the health of your community living status. When these three areas are strong, committee members, property owners and residents will experience an enhanced level of convenience, confidence and support.

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Making community living more convenient so you have the time to enjoy the good things in life.

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Providing guidance and information to make informed decisions for your strata property with confidence.

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Supporting you in the day to day areas of strata manager to help make everyday community living more enjoyable.

To help you gauge how you and your strata community compare against liveability, certainty and harmony, we’ve put together nine simple multiple-choice questions. Think of these questions as a health check-up for your strata property.

The quiz takes less than a minute to complete. Take PICA Pooch for a walk below!

Once you’ve completed the nine questions, we’ll provide you with a rank of high, medium and low. This rank will give you a good indication of opportunities that PICA Group could potentially help you with. Depending on how you do, we’ll provide FREE resources specially tailored based on your answers, to assist you in taking your community to the next level.

How we are enhancing community living

We understand that enhancing community living requires more than strata management. That’s why we have developed our range of community living extras. We are powered by 70 years of knowledge, experience and resources. When you partner with us, you become part of our PICA Group family and have access to our comprehensive range of offerings.

Community living extras include a range of products, services, and programs that we make available to help enhance community living in your property. Below is a small sample of the extras available in our range.

Liveability – making community living more convenient

Enhanced Community Living campaign Online service hub icon

Online service hub

Access your strata information and make online payments anytime, from anywhere.

Enhanced Community Living campaign Customer care icon

Customer care team

Whatever your strata query, our dedicated customer care team is here to support you.

Enhanced Community Living campaign Community after hours icon

After-hours maintenance support

Our Community After Hours team provides 24/7 assistance when you need it most.

Certainty – helping you make decision with confidence

Enhanced Community Living campaign Safety compliance program icon

Safety compliance program

Manage day-to-day risks and protect your property against claims for injury, incident or hazards.

Enhanced Community Living campaign By-laws and legal services icon

By-laws and legal services

Minimise property risks with our in-house by-law drafting, updating, registering and consolidating services.

Enhanced Community Living campaign Legislation videos and notices icon

Legislation videos and notices

Stay up to date with legislative changes that affect strata and community living as they occur.

Harmony – providing information you can trust

Enhanced Community Living campaign Community Living guides icon

Community Living guides

An extensive range of Community Living guides that cover a broad range of interest topics that are specifically relevant to situations you may face in strata living.

Enhanced Community Living campaign Educational videos icon

Educational videos

These videos are designed to help you learn or refresh your understanding of a range of community living topics from committee member education, to legislation.

Enhanced Community Living campaign Strata news and industry updates icon

Strata news and industry updates

Each quarter, we share important news and key dates on legislative changes to help committees and owners corporations.

If you’d like to learn more about enhancing community living and the complete range of community living extras, click here.

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