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With years of industry-leading experience, we make mixed-use,
multi-managed and part-strata buildings easy and straightforward


We understand that modern living and working means creating amenities-driven lifestyles within multi-use buildings. Since we took on our first building management committee in 1999, we have grown to have more than 80 mixed-use buildings and building management committees under our care.

Specialising in highly technical strata, stratum and Torrens title subdivisions, we make sharing facilities a convenient choice. As highly complex management structures, we aim to give each mixed-use building the individualised advice and care it needs.

Mixed-use buildings at a glance, understanding their function and complexities

Mixed-use properties are highly complex and differ significantly in their setup and layout. They can range from large-scale sites with multiple apartment towers, shopping centres, offices, and commercial car parks within one structure. Or, they can include just one or two retailers underneath smaller boutique apartments; forming the modern culture and lifestyle hubs that are easy and convenient.

Shared facilities can include:

Points of entry
and exit



Foyers and


Gardens, plazas and
outdoor spaces



Electrical plant

Air conditioning and
heating systems

Water meters and

Fire stairs and
safety systems

A range of building
facilities according
to layout


What sets us apart?

We have specific building management committee experience and are a leading property services company. With more than 80 building management committees currently under our care, we aim to continuously redefine the experience of owning, investing, and working within modern properties.

As building management committee experts, we offer tailored and personalised advice from staff who have first-hand experience managing some of Australia’s most complex mixed-use, stratum, and Torrens title subdivisions, and are continuously rated as one of the most respected property service providers.

At PICA Group, when it comes to building management committees, we understand that accurately apportioned costs and levy contributions are fundamental to successful urban developments. We provide experienced financial management and reconciliation processes to ensure members pay the right amount for their building usage. Our teams offer highly specialised financial management that’s specifically tailored to each building. There is no one-size-fits-all approach; rather, we make sure your building gets personalised management so costs are accurately divided.

We make managing property easier by allowing you to manage your property from anywhere, at any time.

Our investment in technology means you have access to:

  • Online customer portal and mobile apps
  • Online voting
  • Online invoice approval
  • Online levy payment capabilities.

Our teams are also highly trained and focus on keeping up to date with the latest changes in strata and conveyancing regulations, work health and safety, and making sure our advice is best practice.

PICA Group expertise means added benefits and support

Whatever your property needs are, we have you covered. Building management committees often require other expert services, such as legal and debt recovery, so being part of a well-established group means you have a management team who can refer you to the right professional, quickly.

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