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BBQ on the balcony

If you love having a BBQ, some apartments have by-laws or rules that ban or restrict their use due to the smell they spread to other apartments, as well as health and safety risks they pose.

In some cases, you may be able to light up a BBQ if you are committed to ensuring it doesn’t cause smoke to drift onto neighbouring or common property. A strata manager can help determine the fairest solution for BBQ use, and enforce the by-laws relating to its use.

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Noisy neighbours?

If your noisy neighbour insists on making a commotion after you have tried to resolve the issue yourself, strata managers can help enforce this by-law.

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Know your by-laws, know your strata rights

Every owners corporation or bodies corporate are governed by a set of by-laws or rules, which help to maintain harmonious community living.

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Can I renovate?

Renovating or making structural changes within a flat, unit or apartment is a serious concern considering it may impact the structure of the building and the livelihood of residents.

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With more than 50 years’ experience, we can offer you the personal service and expertise to grow and
protect your property investment.

We aim to continuously redefine the experience of owning a property. Through a range of strata services, we will manage common property matters related to your building, and provide advice on how to enhance community living, making your home the place you always want to return to.

Our team of industry experts are here to support you:

  • Proactive maintenance co-ordination
  • Expert advice on by-lows and regulatory and legistative changes
  • Administration and financial management

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