Are face masks required on common property?

Are face masks required on common property?


Figuring out what to do during the COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria hasn’t always been easy with information from official bodies often being confusing or not accessible.

PICA Group and BCS address the confusing question of whether or not masks must be worn on common property:

Key bodies stipulate masks are required 

According to the Victorian industry body for owners corporations, SCA (Vic), and the Department of Health and Human Services, face coverings must be worn when leaving home, including in hallways and non-private spaces. Mandatory face coverings apply to all people unless you are legally permitted not to which includes children under the age of 12 years and individuals affected by certain medical conditions. Making face masks required on common property.

For more government information on face coverings, like how to make a cloth mask and why you need to wear one, visit here.

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Originally published on 24 August 2020

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