Keep your strata energy bills “on the cool” this summer

The joys of summer conjure up images of the beach, cocktails…but, when at home and it’s sweltering outside, it’s the air-conditioner or fan that comes more quickly to mind!

In Australia, we tend to be big users of energy. Heating and cooling systems account for a whopping 40% of the average residential building energy bill*. Energy-saving has many positive impacts on the communities we live, but it can also helps keep down unnecessary strata costs. Here are a few tips to keep cool this summer, without breaking the bank on an air conditioner.

Think green

Traditional light bulbs produce an abundance of excess energy in the form of heat. By switching to energy efficient light bulbs such as an LED lights, you can not only reduce the cost of your energy bill but decrease the temperature of your room. On average LED bulbs are 4-7 times more efficient and last 5-10 times longer than regular halogen bulbs**.

Get wet

If you are lucky enough to live close to the water, or are even luckier and have a pool in your building, head to the water for a quick dip to cool off. The water will help decrease your body temperature and provide instant relief from the sun’s rays.

Strata note: Did you know that if you live in NSW and intending to sell your property with a swimming pool, a valid certificate of compliance (or an occupation certificate issued within the last three years) must be annexed to the Contract for Sale (effective from 29 April 2016)? You can register your swimming pool by clicking on the following link

Be window smart

Being strategic about when windows are opened during the summer months can drastically impact your home’s temperature. Make the most out of the evening temperature drop by opening all window and doors to cool down your home – just make sure to lock up in the morning before the heat sets in. Setting up a fan in an optimal spot such as opposite a window, will create a refreshing cross breeze which will help you sleep easy on those hot summer nights.

Strata note: if you live in a strata building in NSW, you have until 13 March 2018 to ensure all windows two meters above ground level and less than 1.7 meters above the floor are fitted with a child safety device. For more information on the new window regulations download this essential guide to NSW strata legislation HERE.


Even when plug points are switched off, electronic devices release heat. Unplug non-essential appliances such as lamps, microwaves and speakers of a night to reduce heat and save money on your energy bill.

Strata note: Good news is the PICA Group has partnered with Alinta Energy and AGL to provide discounted rates for our customers and strata schemes. It’s said to be one of best discounts in the market! To find out more about these competitive rates, contact your strata manager or email




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