Don’t miss your chance to review your strata by-laws and building rules

If you want to change your building’s rules or by-laws, act now. The 30 November 2017 deadline to review your by-laws is an ideal chance to consider adding to, or modifying, your existing by-laws to make sure they are suitable and comply with the new strata laws.

For example, if many owners in your building are pet lovers, you might want to relax the rules around furry friends. Or, maybe you’re tired of that abandoned vehicle always parked in the common area, or the random tenant smoking on their balcony in the evening after work.

In the next strata meeting, why not get together, have your say about what you want and don’t want, and make recommendations to suit you and the other owners you live with. To make any changes, get in touch with your strata manager and hold a special resolution vote at your next strata committee meeting.

Not sure where to start? The Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 includes a set of model by-laws which provide sample rules to guide the owner’s corporation and strata committee. You might choose to adopt these outright, or tailor them to suit your building. If, after reviewing your current by-laws, you have resolved at a meeting that you are happy with your by-laws as they stand, then you need do no more. It is only in circumstances where, as a result of your review, your scheme resolves to change them that you need to register those changes in a consolidated set of by-laws.

You’ll find a copy of your building’s existing by-laws on the strata roll, available from either the committee secretary or your strata managing agent.

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