Legislation updates

Legislation updates

Keeping you informed about Australia’s community living

Our legislation pages are a free and easy way for all property stakeholders to stay up to date with legislative changes to strata and community living..

Community living is regulated across Australia so that those who decide to live and invest in strata are protected. From the impacts of online letting services — like Airbnb — to the regulation of smoke alarms, community living legislation changes regularly as strata becomes a preferred way to live and invest..

As Australia’s largest property service provider, PICA Group plays an active role in influencing governments to generate good policies at both a state and federal level. We regularly advocate for strata and community living by advising government and joining forces with industry associations, like the Strata Community Association.

Our information pages aim to enhance community living by putting important information at the fingertips of committees, owners corporations, body corporates, and property stakeholders.

Legislation information for your state

New South Wales

From the latest legislation changes to key safety and compliance deadlines, we aim to bring you the latest and most important updates about community living.


From high-rise to resort-style living, we aim to keep Queensland’s body corporates and property stakeholders up to date with the latest legislation and compliance updates.


From cladding to the essential need to know information, find out Victoria’s latest legislative updates and changes to community living...

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