Industry updates

Industry updates

Keeping you informed about community living industry news

This industry updates page is an easy way for committee members, owners and residents to stay informed of the latest community living news updates.

Community living is regulated across Australia so that those who decide to live and invest in community living settings are protected. However, this means there are regular news updates, as new regulations are introduced and the way we live in community living settings evolves.

Whether it’s the latest information about pets in community living, fire safety best practices, the next steps to high-risk cladding rectification or insights into the highs and lows of community living, we have you covered.  This industry updates page aims to enhance community living by keeping you up to date with the latest community living industry news.

Industry updates for your state

New South Wales

From the latest on pets in strata properties to the most recent cladding and strata property construction news, we aim to bring you all the must-know industry news relating to strata living.


From inner-city high-rise to coastal resort-style living, we aim to keep body corporate property owners up to date with the latest industry news relating to community living.


From building defect updates to the latest in community living, we aim to keep all owners corporation property owners informed of all industry news updates related to community living.

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