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NSW Strata Hub explained

This new initiative by the NSW Government was designed to increase transparency and accountability. Here’s how it will work.

Strata Hub is a recent NSW Government initiative involving mandatory online reporting for all strata schemes in NSW.

It intends to promote improved transparency, accountability and increased engagement for all strata communities in NSW. Strata Hub is designed to provide better visibility of whether a strata scheme is complying with relevant legal requirements and how each scheme is being managed.

Under the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Information) Regulation 2021, strata schemes must report certain information each year via the Strata Hub online platform.

Strata schemes are encouraged to submit their first report by 31 December 2022.

1. What will be reported, and who can access the information?

The initial data upload to the Strata Hub platform will revolve around static data about your strata scheme that will not likely need an update. After this, more data will need to be uploaded and kept up-to-date.

Access to information on the Hub will be restricted and depend on the user’s access level. The table below offers a summary of what to expect:

Information to be entered into Strata Hub Access level
Contact details for the secretary, chairperson, strata manager or building manager (if any). Available to those on the strata roll only
The date of issue for the latest Annual Fire Safety Statement Available to those on the strata roll only
Whether the strata scheme has formed a strata renewal committee Available to those on the strata roll only
The balance of the scheme’s capital works fund Not publicly visible
Contact details of the emergency services contact person/s Not publicly visible
Insured replacement value for the strata scheme Not publicly visible
Date of issue for interim and final occupation certificate/s Not publicly visible
Any NABERS ratings for the scheme Not publicly visible
Strata Plan number and number of lots in the scheme (including usage) Accessible to the public
Registration date of the strata schemes Accessible to the public
Local government area Accessible to the public
Number of stories above ground Accessible to the public
Usage (residential, commercial, retirement village etc.) Accessible to the public
Last Annual General Meeting date Accessible to the public
Geospatial map of building location Accessible to the public
Whether the scheme forms part of a community or precinct scheme Accessible to the public

2. How will the information be used?

The NSW Government is bound by the requirements set out in the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). Therefore sensitive personal details submitted to Strata Hub, such as contact details of key committee members, will only be accessible to residents of the scheme.

If emergency services need to contact your scheme urgently or need access to the building, they will access and contact the emergency contact listed. The emergency services contact will not be publicly visible and will only be visible to emergency services organisations such as NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, or Fire and Rescue NSW.

3. What might happen if a strata scheme doesn’t comply?

Financial penalties may apply to strata schemes that do not meet Strata Hub reporting requirements. The NSW Government has indicated these will be actively imposed from 30 June 2023.

4. How frequently must the information on Strata Hub be updated?

Once your strata scheme has completed the initial data upload, you will need to update the information within three months of each Annual General Meeting.

Information that may change from time to time (such as the names or contact details of office bearers) must be updated within 28 days of the change taking place.

Financial penalties will apply for non-compliance with these timeframes.

5. Are there costs associated with Strata Hub?

The NSW Government will be levying a fee of $3.00 per lot (GST exempt) for each scheme, which will be invoiced to the owners corporation.

If you wish for the PICA Group to action the initial information upload to Strata Hub, as well as ongoing annual updates, we will charge a small administrative fee for the additional work required by our team. Please get in touch with your strata manager for a fee breakdown.

6. What do I need to do next?

Your strata committee will need to convene a meeting to pass a series of resolutions delegating the task of entering information into Strata Hub to your strata manager.

Your strata manager will contact you to make the necessary arrangements to convene this meeting. Once the resolutions have been passed, our team will begin to upload data readily available in the books and records onto Strata Hub.

Our scope of services will not extend to resolving any missing or omitted records that prevent our team from completing all fields (for example, the original occupation certificate).

At this stage, there are several elements remaining to be resolved with the NSW Government regarding the upload of information into the Hub that will prevent PICA Group from actively entering data into Strata Hub at this time.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Provision of corporate log in for Service NSW portal access
  • Resolution of API technologies for bulk and recurring upload of live data
  • Appropriate resolution of payment processing of owners corporation charges upon upload

Once these issues have been resolved, we will commence the initial data upload to Strata Hub.

We will share more information about Strata Hub as it becomes available.

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