Owners corporation manager do’s & don’ts

The role of a owners corporation manager is complex. Their job can involve a number of skills and specialities, including acting as a mediator, advisor, coordinator, secretary and chairperson.

Here are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to owners corporation management and apartment living.


DO ask your owners corporation manager for contractor recommendations.

owners corporation managers have extensive industry connections and can set you up with competent, trustworthy contractors to help you with your property.

DO consult your owner’s corporation manager for anything relating to legislation.

A good owners corporation manager will know the ins and outs of legislation changes specific to your state and property type, and will be able to advise you of any upcoming changes.

DO understand that your owners’ corporation manager has your best interests at heart.

The owner’s corporation manager at PICA Group genuinely care about their customers and do everything in their power to keep them updated and informed.


DON’T verbally abuse your owner’s corporation manager.

Even if you’re not happy with how your owner’s corporation manager has been running things, that’s no reason to shout. Treat them respectfully and explain how you want things done and what you want changed.

DON’T renovate your apartment without consulting your owner’s corporation manager.

Your owner’s corporation manager will be acutely aware of all the rules and legislation relevant to your building.

Consult them before you make any renovations.

DON’T get stuck with the wrong owner’s corporation manager.

It’s easier than you think to change owners corporation manager. If your owner’s corporation manager isn’t meeting all your expectations, why not try PICA Group?

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