How to run an effective meeting

At times a strata meeting can feel pointless or that little is achieved, so here’s some tips on how to make your next meeting more effective.

1. Arrive and start on time

While it seems obvious, starting a meeting on time sets the meeting off on the right foot and sets the tone that the committee is organised. Given most strata meetings are held after hours no one really wants to be at a meeting longer than they have to be.

2. Do your homework

Coming to a meeting prepared will help you, as a property owner, keep up with what is going on. If there are items you would like addressed submit them well before the next meeting so they can be added to the agenda.

Similarly, once you have received the meeting’s agenda, if there are items related to issues on common property that you are not familiar with inspect the area prior to the meeting so you are aware of what the problems are.

3. Follow the meeting’s agenda

This seemingly simple task can be a struggle for many. It is the chairperson’s responsibility to keep the meeting on track, however, those attending can assist by raising concerns succinctly and adhering to the speaking time limit that may have been set out by the chairperson.

4. Involve your strata professional

Your strata professional is an expert in organising and running meetings. Strata professionals can take upon the role of chairperson or act as a mediator to ensure everyone’s voice is heard in a fair and safe environment. Utilising their expertise will alleviate some stress from committee members and will allow for meetings to be run effectively and will ensure matters are addressed appropriately and outcomes are achieved.


PICA Group tip: electing the right people for the committee will save a lot of headaches later on.

The committee and in particular the chairperson are responsible for running strata meetings. When it comes time for an election, think about who you are voting for and if they have the necessary qualities to effectively run a smooth meeting and manage the personalities in your property.

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