How to manage the perils of parking

Very few topics cause as much frustration as “parking” in strata schemes. Whether the issue is a visitor parking in a resident’s spot, an object is blocking an entry, or there’s an illegally parked car on common property, it is phenomenal how something so seemingly simple can become a constant cause of irritation.

Here are some simple yet effective tips to combat these common issues:

Make sure new owners know where their car spot is. Incoming owners or tenants may not be aware of their allocated spot, and be unknowingly parking in someone else’s.

Ensure parking lines are clearly visible. If your carparks lines outlining allocated spaces have faded, speak to your strata manager to get these repainted. This will avoid a free for all in the carpark and maintain a system.

If someone is parking in your space, unfairly on common property or blocking access leave a fair but firm note. Often offending drivers have parked unlawfully by mistake. Leave a friendly note outlining why they can’t park there in the future. If this becomes a regular occurrence, speak to your strata manager who will be able to guide you as to how to manage the situation moving forward.

Control visitor parking through a thoughtfully worded by-law/rule. The best way to monitor use of visitor parking is through a by-law/rule which imposes restrictions on how long a visitor can stay parked for or how often a visitor can park overnight. Signage in the visitor parking area is critical to ensure that visitors are aware of the rules, and thus must also be included in the by-law/rule.


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