It’s easy to change strata management companies

If you’re not happy with how your property is being managed, it may be time to make the switch to a strata management company you can rely on. Changing strata management is easier than you might think, and could be one of the best decisions your owners corporation ever makes.

A good strata manager makes running an owners corporation or body corporate seem easy. They relieve the burden of managing your owners corporation yourself, taking on essential responsibilities that enhance community living and protect and grow the value of your asset.

A valuable strata manager will not only administer the needs of your owners corporation, but will also provide sound advice on legislative and financial matters, so your committee always make informed decisions that benefit owners. Read more on how to select a good strata manager here.

Strata managers are now also more efficient than ever, with technologies and support teams that allow them to dedicate time and resources to their customers. If you’re not getting the attention you think you deserve, it may be time to make the switch.

[beautifulquote align=”right” cite=””] Changing strata management could be one of the best decisions your owners corporation ever makes[/beautifulquote]

Here’s how to change your strata manager: 

  • Obtain a copy of your contract from your current strata manager to determine the expiration date and termination period. The recent changes to NSW legislation may mean that your contract was automatically terminated on 30 May 2017.
  • Start shopping around for quotes. Once you have decided on a preferred strata management company, obtain their termination and appointment motions.
  • If you have an upcoming annual general meeting (AGM), ask for the required motions to be added to the agenda, otherwise arrange an extraordinary general meeting (EGM).
  • In the meantime, instruct your current strata manager to issue notices and related paperwork to all owners.
  • At the meeting, the motions will need to be passed by the majority of owners, either in person, by proxy or written vote.
  • Once the motions have been passed, sign the contract with the new strata management company.
  • Provide formal termination notice to your current strata manager.
  • Provide the minutes of the meeting and the signed contract to the new strata manager, and they will do the rest.


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