Apply for one of 4 x 500 PICA Group Kick Start grants for young para-athletes

PICA Group, in support of the Sport Access Foundation, has donated 4 x $500 grants to support young people living with disability. The grants, or $2,000 in total, makes four separate grants called PICA Group Kick Start Grants and aim to help young people access financial support so they can successfully re-join sporting communities after COVID-19.


Sport Access Foundation and PICA Group’s ‘Kick Start Grants’ ad.


Support like this is important because many young Australians living with disability can end-up feeling more isolated during COVID-19 due to pre-existing medical conditions, and reduced opportunities to remain active and connected.

The money from the grants can be used to help pay for sport registration fees, carer costs, extra coaching, team uniforms, or travel to and from sport.

If you know a young para-athlete, who could benefit from a PICA Group grant, apply here today!


Applications close 21 August 2020.

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