COVID-19 strata community living toolkit

Welcome to your COVID-19 strata community living toolkit

These resources are designed to help you manage COVID-19 within your community living environment

As Australia’s leading property service provider, we have developed a comprehensive range of resources on how to manage and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 for strata properties. From information on the role of committee members, financial management of strata levies and fees, to stay mentally healthy and working from home, we have your questions covered with our COVID-19 strata community living toolkit.

At PICA Group we care about the wellbeing and safety of communities right across Australia. As we face these uncertain times together, we want committee members and property owners to find comfort in reliable information that relates particularly to COVID-19 strata information for community living. While the information is accurate at the time of writing, please do check the Government sites for the latest information as the circumstances continue to evolve. Let’s all do our part to minimise the spread and look out for our neighbours. We’re in this together.

COVID-19 posters and signage for your strata property

Download our series of posters for display in the common areas of your strata property.  This small action can make a big difference in protecting yourself, your family, neighbours and our community.

Please note, in circumstances where wearing a face mask is mandatory on common property, there are genuine reasons why some people aren’t able to do so. We encourage you to be respectful of others and revert to the Government website at all times for the latest information.

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Stopping the spread together

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COVID-safe food delivery

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COVID-19 strata information for your state

NSW Sydney thumbnail

New South Wales update

As the situation evolves in NSW, we’ll keep you updated on what this means for you when it comes to managing your strata property.

Queensland thumbnail

Queensland update

To help QLD committees and owners know what they are required to do, we have collated the best practice steps for moving forward.

Victoria update

With VIC being more precarious than the initial outbreak, it is important committees and owners know how to reduce the spread.

Your COVID-19 strata community living toolkit

9 things you need to know about COVID-19 and strata living

By gaining a good understanding of COVID-safe best practices, you can help keep your family and neighbours safe.

Understanding how new COVID 19 restrictions affect strata properties COVID toolkit feature image

National update: understanding how the new restrictions affect strata properties

2021: Restrictions were introduced to fight the highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19. Learn how they affect strata properties across New South Wales and owners corporation properties in Victoria.

COVID-19: minimise your financial stress

How to minimise financial stress and manage your strata finances during COVID-19

How to make a big difference when it comes to minimising financial stress and successfully managing your strata finances during COVID-19.

4 tips for cleaning your strata property during COVID-19 outbreaks

We’ve prepared some tips to help you, your family and your neighbours stop the spread through the thorough cleaning of both apartments and your strata property’s common areas during COVID-19 outbreaks.

Waste disposal CORVID-19 feature image

How to manage strata waste disposal during COVID-19

Here are some of our recommendations for strata garbage disposal during COVID-19 outbreaks, which take into account the health and safety of you and your neighbours.

Maintain good mental health in strata during COVID-19 feature image

COVID-19: managing mental health in community living

How to maintain good mental health when living in strata settings during COVID-19 outbreaks.

Cautionary measures for committee members Article feature image

5 things owners and residents can do to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in strata settings

When it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in strata settings, it’s wise to act as if you already have the virus in order to avoid unknowingly passing it on to others.

6 tips for working from home in your strata property during COVID-19 thumbnail image

6 tips for working from home in your strata property during COVID-19

With strata properties and homes being turned into temporary workplaces due to COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s time to establish routines and plan activities to keep spirits high.

3 things you can do to improve the safety of your strata property during COVID-19 outbreaks thumbnail image

3 things you can do to improve the safety of your strata property during COVID-19 outbreaks

With more people working from home and perhaps isolating in your strata property during COVID-19 outbreaks, safety and compliance is now even more of a priority.

Best practice actions for committees and owners Article feature image

National update: best practice actions for committees and owners

With most state’s starting to see an easing of restrictions, it is important committees plan how they intend to return to a sense of normal.

COVID-19 support services for committee members and owners Article feat image

Support services for committee members and owners

Here are some ways we are helping to support you and your community, and minimise stress during this time.

Managing building works during COVID-19 feature image

Managing building works during a health crisis

Many committees may be wondering whether to continue with scheduled works for their building or to restrict contractors on-site to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19. When considering what works should go ahead, and what to postpone, committees should bear in mind these key points.

Facilities management COVID feature image

How proactive facilities management can help strata communities stay COVID-safe

As COVID-19 remains our new reality across Australia, proactive facilities management is proving to be important in keeping strata communities COVID-safe.

Covid-19 strata information article feature image

Helpful information for owners and residents

As a community, let’s do our part in caring for each other. Find out the latest information to stay informed.

Community living – how we can help to #FlattenTheCurve

With one in 10 Australians living in high-rise apartments, it is more important than ever to support each other to fight the spread of COVID-19 and #FlattenTheCurve.

PICA Group services available to you

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Vote from anywhere, at any time

Our new online voting system, StrataVote, means you can vote on meeting motions no matter where you are. Whether it’s from a mobile device or computer, you can vote at whatever time and location that works for you. Access to the voting platforms is available once approved by your owners corporation or body corporate. Please contact your strata manager for more information.

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Assured Building Maintenance
Your strata repairs and maintenance specialists (NSW only)

The COVID-19 outbreak requires effective cleaning techniques are far beyond a standard clean. Assured Building Maintenance can help you find the right certified and experienced specialist for your building’s needs.

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Kemps Petersons Receivables
We have the experience to recover debt quickly

For committee members: times are expected to get tough with many property owners unable to pay their levies. Avoid legal action. Our team at KPR can assist.


Save on your energy bills

We have a dedicated team who work with industry partners to assess your common property energy agreement and ensure you maximise any energy savings. Click here to learn more.

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