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PICA Group difference, where it all began…

From the very first time that a strata scheme was first set up in Australia, PICA Group has been by the side of homeowners and investors across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Having been around since 1948, our purpose has remained – we are passionate about enhancing community living and continuously evolving to deliver harmony, liveability and certainty so that owners can enjoy their home and investment.  

Our point of difference is how we do that. It comes down to providing individualised service to our customers and shining the spotlight on our people – because it’s our service excellence and our people that makes PICA Group different.

With so many strata providers out there, it can be hard to select the one that will give you the best service, that’s why we’re more than strata, we’re a community and offer a more wholistic and proactive approach. 

Enhancing community living since 1948

Here’s why more than 200,000 property owners have already chosen us

Our positioning means we have unparalleled expertise, the strength of network and resources, and a deeply ingrained passion for enhancing community living.

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No hidden costs

With tailored and transparent pricing, there are no surprise charges. We simply offer good value for money by scaling up while staying individualised. 

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Strata expertise that’s right for your property type

Our highly experienced strata managers and an in-house team of specialists have a broad range of knowledge and expertise, ensuring your property – no matter what type, is always managed to the very highest standard.

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PICA Group privilege

Benefit from exclusive offers and discounts on a range of services, including by-law drafting and insurance cover. We use our partnerships and relationships across related industries to secure competitive discounts and exclusive deals for our customers.

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Best practice management techniques

We work closely with government entities and industry bodies to develop legislation and best practices, including running our own strata management training programs. There’s also a comprehensive library of articles, guides, videos and other resources available on every strata matter you would want to know more about.

Environmentally conscious icon

Environmentally conscious

We help to increase the value of your property by focusing on sustainability and enhanced community living. We do this by supporting sustainability initiatives such as NABERS for Apartment Buildings and working to provide practical community living solutions such as energy savings programs we call CommunityUtilities.  You can also visit our CommunityGreen webpage to see what else we are actively doing to make a difference.

Service excellence assured

We live by our service promise as set out in our Customer Service Charter and are contactable 24/7 whenever you need us. There’s no need to be dependent on your strata manager, we offer Customer Care Centre support – so there’s always back-up support when needed.  And, should you need emergency repairs and maintenance, our Community After Hours team can assist.

National presence, local reach

We have the scale and flexibility to protect your home and investment

We love local strata. With more than 30 branches across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, we have the breadth and resources to focus on getting our communities – what they need, what they want to achieve and how we can make things better for them.

Tick icon Our services don’t stop with the standard list of duties common to every strata management company. Instead, PICA Group brings proactive solutions to the table, continuously thinking of ways to work smarter, deliver more and meet our customers’ needs.

Tick icon We raise the bar not only on what we can deliver but also on how the whole industry should be operating.

Tick icon Our in-house team is resources to set, meet and exceed those industry-leading standards.

Tick icon And best of all, we connect with our local communities by actively getting involved with local sponsorships.

Our relationship with you

When a group of specialists have a common purpose, great things happen

Because we view ourselves as being a family of businesses and services, we have set values that guide our relationship with you.

Company values matter as they capture the essence of who we are and what we stand for. While we consist of different businesses, together we are all part of one PICA Group family.

Our values

Communication icon

We are honest and compassionate in our communication

We are not afraid to admit mistakes and will work with you to create a solution.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

We listen first, ask questions, and put ourselves in the shoes of others before making decisions.

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We’ll find solutions

We are solution seekers. We seek out better ways to achieve results.

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Respect and value our relationship

Our relationship with both you and our staff matter, and we promise to build relationships based on trust.

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Be in it together

Being part of the PICA Group family means becoming a team. We’ll work with you to enhance your community living arrangement by providing the support you need.

The Respect Pledge

Our commitment to you

At PICA Group, we believe that respect is the cornerstone of a harmonious and stress-free strata community.

We are committed to supporting behaviours that encourage respect across our teams and committees, which is why we proudly announce to have joined the SCA Respect Pledge.

By adopting the Respect Pledge, we are committing to behaviours that create a community that is inclusive, supportive, and respectful of everyone

    • Respect – We pursue respect with energy and persistence and are respectful under all conditions.
    • Intolerance – We do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour and will address it appropriately.
    • Self-Regulation – We maintain awareness and self-control of emotion, behaviour and decision-making.
    • Trust. We aim to build relationships of trust based on mutual understanding for the greater community good.
    • Due Diligence – We understand our action’s financial, strategic, and other implications.
    • Fairness – We will avoid bias and discrimination and act impartially and fairly.
    • Integrity – We stand for honest and ethical moral principles and stand united for situational challenges.
    • Self-Awareness – We are aware of our actions and their effect on others.
    • Empathy – We invite the perspective of others and consider feelings and thoughts that may be different to our own.
    • Honesty – We are open and transparent in our dealings
    • Good Faith – We act in the best interests of owners and their representatives and take accountability for our actions.

We invite all strata committees to join us in adopting the Respect Pledge

By doing so, you are taking a step in the right direction for your strata property and team. We encourage you to download and introduce The Pledge to your community and to work with us to create a culture of respect that benefits everyone.

Our service promise to you

This sets out our standards of customer service as we aim to continually meet your needs and exceed expectations. We do this by listening to feedback and regularly measuring our performance.

Tick icon Industry-leading strata expertise and guidance

Through our network of strata management professionals, Customer Care Centre and a team of specialists, you have access to professional services which is focused on immediate assistance and fast resolution. By regularly gathering your feedback, we also aim to continuously improve your service experience.


Tick icon Timely distribution of information

Through CommunityHub, you can enjoy 24/7 access to information and can rest assured that your meeting minutes and documentation will be sent on time, as determined by the state legislation.


Tick icon Clear professional communication

You can be confident of receiving clear and consistent communications of professional standards and according to best practice guidelines.

Tick icon Prompt response to all enquiries

You will receive a timely acknowledgement of correspondence, voicemails, and emails within two working days, and other written correspondence within five working days.
Emergencies, such as those which require immediate remedial action, are responded to or actioned as a top priority.

We aim to resolve your query as quickly as possible, although turnaround times may vary depending on the complexity of the enquiry. For more complex matters, you will be provided with a case number and kept informed of the status.


Tick icon Data protection and cyber security

We take cyber security seriously. We invest robustly in this area to protect our customers.

Ready to switch strata managers and want some expert advice?

If our story and who we are can be a better fit for your property and you’re looking to switch strata providers, we can help you at PICA Group.

We offer the expertise and resources of a nationwide network combined with the passion and commitment of a local team focused on improving your property’s value and community living experience.

To find out how we can help you switch, just fill in the form on this page and one of our strata professionals will contact you shortly.

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