A service made just for you

Living in a property is more than just an investment, it’s your home. That’s why we not only focus on delivering superior strata management services, but are also passionate about enhancing community living – for all.

If you are an investor, committee member or property owner, living in strata property managed by one of our subsidiary businesses of PICA Group, then access to CommunityHub is available to you.

Simplifying the complexities of strata management

What makes this self-service online platform unique is that it combines cloud-based technology with all the strata management services you’re familiar with, together with the ability to keep property owners fully informed with updates and community notices.

Plus, you can enjoy 24/7 access to property services you’re most interested in.

CommunityHub is an online platform designed to give access to your property information anywhere, anytime. Keep up-to-date with administration, pay online, manage repairs, approve invoices, and more, all through one channel.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]We’re investing to deliver more effective strata management and greater transparency on matters relating to your property.[/beautifulquote]
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